Wednesday, July 8, 2015

I know a great photographer!

This week I'm turning the spotlight on the other artist who lives in our house, my husband Sam.  Since he was a teenager, Sam has worked with classic black and white darkroom photography.  Well, there were a few decades there where he pursued school, career, and child-raising, but several years ago he got serious about it again.

This weekend Sam's solo show, entitled LatticeWork, opens at the Swilley Library gallery space at Mercer University in Atlanta.  We hung the show on Monday and I have to say, even if I weren't married to the guy, I'd be impressed with this body of work!

The show's title, LatticeWork, hints at the underlying structure of many of the compositions in this show.  What I love about this set of images is that while it is "straight" photography--there is no manipulation, digital or otherwise, of the image, no layering, no contrivance of the scene being shot--Sam's eye has selected compositions that hover on the line between realism and abstraction. 

The image above was taken in New Mexico, at a ancestral Puebloan ruin near Santa Fe called Tsankawi.  While several of the images are from the Southwest, others are from closer to home, including scenes from north Georgia.

Come see for yourself.  The opening is this Saturday, July 11, from 3-5 pm.  The show runs through August 28.


  1. If I lived close enough, I would love to go, Molly; the photos are beautiful.....lovely lighting, and a 4x4 camera, I suppose.

    1. Thanks, Fran, for your kind words! Sam tells me he shot the photos with a medium format camera, Fuji GF670, with a 6cm x 6 cm negative.