Wednesday, November 11, 2015

4th annual Alpharetta Art & Fine Craft Show

This weekend, Nov. 13-15, we are holding our annual Alpharetta Art and Fine Craft Show and Sale at our home.  Seven other artists will join Sam and me, offering original pastel paintings, classic black and white photographs, unique handcrafted jewelry, handwoven items to wear, home-canned yummy produce, and beautiful hand-crafted pens.  There is truly is something for everyone and at every price point.  And it's always a bit of a house party, with friends, food, laughter and art talk flying around.  Consider this your invitation to just come and hang out!

Here's a sampling of the work you'll see:

Pendant by Lynn Edwards

Pastel painting by Marilyn Kleinhans

Byzantine necklace in gold and silver by Nancy Bruns

silver gelatin photograph by John Long
handwoven neck piece by Dinah Rose

Tsankewi Cliffs silver gelatin photo by Sam Elkind
pens from exotic woods and polymers by Jan Hughey
infinity scarf by Molly Elkind
Contact me if you need our address and you think you're not on my regular email mailing list.  Hope to see you soon!

Next week I'll finish my two-part series on textile conservation.  

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