Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Reconbobulation area

Something that made me smile in the Milwaukee airport last month was this sign, right after I emerged from the body-scanning machine in security.  Sorry the sign is hard to read; I was trying to take the photo with my old phone, unobtrusively, lest I bring down on myself the wrath of TSA.

Though obviously TSA in Milwaukee has a great sense of humor.  The official-looking sign says, Reconbobulation Area.  What a great word to describe the place for fetching your valuables from the x-ray conveyor belt, putting your shoes and belt and jewelry back on and so on. Reconbobulation.  

That's been what's going on in the studio since I returned from Convergence too.  Reconbobulation: remembering, Oh yeah, that's where I was with this tapestry/sketchbook/this other tapestry/scarf warp/new class ideas. . . .  Oh yeah.  Back to work.

Red This, (c) Molly Elkind
This is the third in a series of 4" x 6" pieces inspired by collages that include words or word fragments. Two pieces of matboard separate this just-finished one from the one I'm about to start. Two other pieces are wound around to the back of the loom.  If I get four small pieces from this warp I'll be thrilled.  It's going to be a close call--I may have to needle in the last few passes on this next piece. Note the warping bar perched on top of the Mirrix loom!

Here's the collage that inspired the next piece, and the yarns I'll use.  Though I may choose a brighter blue than the indigo ball resting on the white.  It'll be fun to try to weave that dictionary page in the background!  I'm thinking pick-and-pick.

On the floor loom I'm working on an infinity scarf in alpaca-silk and tencel, commissioned by my very patient sister-in-law:

And this is the piece on the big Varpa tapestry loom.  About 37" wide.

Tapestry, working title M3.  (c) Molly Elkind.  Another in my Mary series.

So far so good.  Really enjoying finally having this on the loom instead of on my design wall!

And the survey of works in progress wouldn't be complete without a peek at the diary:

Tapestry Diary of the liturgical year 
Every incidence of mass murder and terrorism this summer has been noted with brown leaves rather than green.  I acknowledged the anniversary of 9/11 on the far left with a hollowed-out brown outline.


  1. That sign made me laugh too! Although I had already recombobulated myself before reaching the sign.

    I can't wait to see your collage series. They look fascinating.
    How wide is the warp for your M3 tapestry?

    1. It's about 37 1/2 inches wide, Nancy. The angle of the photo makes it look wider! Thanks for the encouragement about the collages. I'm going to mat some and put them in our holiday sale in November (11-13). 😉