Wednesday, January 25, 2017

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Dearest readers,

I owe you an explanation.  For a couple years now I've been posting pretty much every week, usually on Wednesdays.  In mid-2016 I waded back into the social media waters on Facebook and Instagram . . . and I'm finding that a very rewarding (for the most part!) way to connect with other fiber artists and friends all over.  But as you all know it's also time-consuming.

So for 2017 I'm going to shift to a twice-a-month schedule for this blog, aiming for every other Wednesday.   Please stay with me!  I think my content will be stronger with less pressure to publish every week.

And please. . . (you knew it was coming) Like me on Facebook (Molly Elkind Handwovens) and follow me on Instagram, @mpelkind.  I'll try to post to these outlets every time I post to the blog.

Today, here's what I put on Facebook:

For my fellow tapestry geeks, especially all who were so helpful last week. . . Here's a progress shot showing the 2/2 twill weave in 2 strands of black Frid, forming the border at the bottom and up the left side. It's fiendishly difficult to photograph but I think you can see the texture difference between the twill and the plain weave areas in gray. By the way I'm enjoying weaving on the floor loom! Different, but fun.

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