Thursday, February 12, 2015

What's looming

My last few posts have been long and wordy. . .today I'm just going to share a few photos of what I'm working on.  And maybe a few words of explanation.

This is a shawl in off-white alpaca-silk.  This yarn is super-soft and I'm weaving a diamond pattern in it.  Usually I make my warps (the long threads strung under tension on the loom) long enough for at least two projects. I challenge myself to make the second project significantly different from the first, by using a different weft yarn (the yarn that goes horizontally across, carried in the shuttle you see resting on the fabric), or by varying the woven pattern somehow.  

The second piece on this warp is above--using a dark grey weft, also alpaca-silk, in the same diamond pattern. Why diamonds?  The Chattahoochee Handweavers Guild, where I learned to weave six years ago, is celebrating their 60th anniversary soon and throwing a party at which members are invited to show off a diamond-themed item they have woven.  You can see the pattern better in this detail shot below, taken after the fabric was washed.  Fingers crossed that one of these pieces will be fit for public display!

When I'm not working at the floor loom I'm stealing time for tapestry weaving.  Below is the next one in my series about the Virgin Mary.  I took this photo last week.  As you can see I'd barely woven any of Mary's face, since for technical reasons I had to start with the green area on the left.

 Here's where I'd gotten to by yesterday.  Mary has a face now!  I left myself a sticky note to remind me what to do next (rip out and do over some areas.  Sigh.)

Here's hoping your own creative efforts--whatever your medium--this week have been rewarding.  Onward! 

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