Monday, November 15, 2021

Busy times!

The pandemic is not over, but lately it feels as if life has picked back up to a pre-pandemic pace.  There's lots of news to share with you:  I've currently got work in four (!) shows, I did my first in-person teaching in almost two years, and I'm launching a new online educational offering for tapestry weavers.  And I sold eight tapestries in October!  When it rains, it pours.  As a desert-dweller, I am grateful for every drop.  These are two recent pieces that sold.  Several pieces remain available on my website.  

Molly Elkind, Monsoon 3, 13" x 13" (weaving 5" x 5"), cotton, wool, metallic

Molly Elkind, Monsoon 1, 13" x 13" (weaving 5" x 5"), cotton, wool 

About the new online offering:  I've found that in my online Zoom classes one of the most valuable parts of the class for students is the mutual sharing of work and offering of feedback, troubleshooting and creative brainstorming.  So often it is hard for us weavers to find that in our nearby community.  Friends and family are well-meaning but often can't give us the specific feedback we need.  It can be hard to gather in person with groups of weavers, for all sorts of reasons.  So . . .  I'm launching an online Feedback Group where a small group of 5-6 weavers can gather via Zoom for two hours of sharing, conversation and feedback, facilitated by me.  My rate would be $200 for 2 hours, to be shared equally by each member of the group (with five, that's $40/person per session).  Together we would decide in advance on dates, times, frequency of meeting and any other parameters that seem important.  We could meet every month, every two weeks, whatever the group decides, for as long as it seems helpful.  I am taking names!  I have three weavers already signed and need two to three more to get started.  Please contact me if you're interested or would like more info. 

Earlier this month I had the pleasure of speaking and teaching at the Kansas Alliance of Weavers and Spinners conference (KAWS) near Wichita, KS.  It was a small gathering, and everyone was masked, so it felt safe.  I got to meet a bunch of lovely weavers including two I'd only met online before.  I learned way more about soumak in 2 hours from Kennita Tully than I had known before.  And it was great to be in the live in-person classroom again and to shop in a vendor mall.  I taught a one-day class in weaving tapestry improvisationally.  Here's some of the work students did: 

Ginny Wallace, Geodesert4.5" wide x 12" high including fringe. Linen warp, linen, ribbon and blended weft, geode. 

Terry Harrison, improv weaving in progress

Kandys Bliel, improv weaving in progress

In my last post I shared some wonderful work from the New Mexico Light show in Albuquerque, where my SkyGrass piece is among those on view.  That show is up through December 18, 2021.  Another, much smaller piece on the same theme is currently included in the Tapestry Touring International show online HERE.  I am honored to be in this company.  All work for the TTI show "New Directions" had to be under 10" on any side and 100" square total.  It was fun to work at that scale with the sky/grass theme.  

Molly Elkind, SkyGrass Textures,
wool warp, wool & linen wefts, 10 epi,  10" x 5"

I'm thrilled that my piece Falling is featured on the website for the exhibit More Impact:  Climate Change, featuring tapestries by members of Tapestry Weavers West.  This exhibit is up through January 2, 2022.  Tapestries by a number of weavers powerfully address the impact of global warming.

Finally, my piece Fold is currently on view at the Australian Tapestry Workshop's Kate Derum Award exhibition for small work. My first international exhibit!  You can read more about this exhibit and award HERE.  They are posting each work on their Instagram as well, @austapestry.  

Sometimes a long period of quiet work in the studio is followed by a burst of public activity.  I'm so grateful for the chance to share my work.  And then the cycle begins again with a retreat to the loom and the studio.