Thursday, October 7, 2021

"New Mexico Light": a joint tapestry exhibit of the High Desert Tapestry Alliance and the Tapestry Artists of Los Arañas

I have the great good fortune to be able to participate in two local tapestry study groups, the High Desert Tapestry Alliance, loosely based in Santa Fe and northern New Mexico, and a group called the Tapestry Artists of Las Arañas, based in Albuquerque, that is a subset of the fiber guild.  We have been working toward a joint show since BC (Before Covid) and it finally opened last weekend.  The theme is New Mexico Light and it was thrilling to see so many varied and sensitive interpretations of that elusive quality in tapestry.  The exhibit is up at the Open Space Visitors Center in Albuquerque through Dec. 18.  Read more about the tapestry show here.

Participating artists are:  Ann Blankenship, Suzie Bley, Elizabeth Buckley, Evelyn Campbell, Mary Colton, Mary Cost, Karen Cox, Cindy Dworzak, Molly Elkind, Heather Gallegos-Rex, Barbara Hitzemann, Naomi Julian, LuAnn Kilday, Nancy Lane, Judy McCarthy, Mary Moore, Kathy Perkins, Janice Peters, Naya Raines, Robin Reider, Carol Seeds, Lavonne Slusher, and Nancy Wohlenberg.  Kudos and deep thanks to Nancy Wohlenberg and Cindy Dworzak for coordinating and helping hang the show.  

I'd like to share some of the tapestries that seemed to me on opening day to be especially apt interpretations of the theme.  Many thanks to the artists for allowing me to reproduce their work, and apologies that space constraints don't allow me to feature every wonderful piece!  All images are copyright the artist.  All photos by me unless noted. 

Nancy Wohlenberg, Morning Mountain, 23" x 24" 
Nancy is inspired by dawn breaking over the mountains in the high desert of Albuquerque. 

detail, Nancy Wohlenberg, Morning Mountain

Elizabeth Buckley, November Light, 28 x 28" Photo courtesy the artist.  
Elizabeth captures the magic of migrating Sandhill Cranes who winter in the Rio Grande Bosque and forage in the grasses. 

detail, Elizabeth Buckley, November Light  

Robin Reider, One World Revisited, 34" x 46" 
Robin says the houses could be African huts or adobe homes in New Mexico, under skies criss-crossed by jet trails. 

detail, Robin Reider, One World Revisited

Heather Gallegos-Rex, Clearing Up, 27" x 18" 
Heather's work is inspired by the color, light and natural and architectural forms of her environment.

Mary Rawcliffe Colton, New Mexico Light, 23" x 12" 
Mary is inspired by the changing skies  as marked by the phases of the moon and changing weather and time of day.  Dusty, dry air reflects the rich colors of the landscape. 

Mary Cost, Garden Wall II, 38" x 21" 
Mary is inspired by the play of light on Santa Fe's adobe walls. 

Karen Cox, Sunset on la Mesa, 40" x 28"
Karen has woven the mountains she sees from her home and is inspired by spinning and dyeing her own wool.  

Carol Seeds, New Mexico Sky, 16" x 10"
Carol wove four views of the changing colors of the sky in a single sunset.

Cindy Dworzak, Indian Summer at Ghost Ranch, 9" x 9"
Cindy is conveying the mysterious beauty of late summer at Ghost Ranch

Evelyn Campbell, White Sands National Monument. 23" x 33"
Photo courtesy the artist. The National Monument, made of 98% gypsum,
is unique in the world and now a National Park. 

I thought my piece SkyGrass (top, 26 x 45") and Evelyn Campbell's
White Sands National Monument (bottom) looked great together.