Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Current and future work

I'm tempted to start by saying It's a time of transitions here at Molly Elkind Handwovens, but really, isn't every time a time of transition??  I suspect we're all transitioning so much recently we're dizzy. 

I've been putting up work on the walls in preparation for the 30th annual Eldorado Studio Tour.  In case you're in the neighborhood, there will be 80 artists in 60 studios--Sept. 24 and 25 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.--at Eldorado at Santa Fe, just outside the city of Santa Fe, NM.  Sam Elkind and I are Studio 8 this year.  It's always fun to meet folks, talk art and craft with them and share our work.  It's also good for me just to get all the work out at once, too, and see how it hangs (or doesn't hang) together. (These are quick snapshots.  Apologies for poor lighting and reflections in glass of Sam Elkind's photographs.  Sam has more work up, but this is my blog so I'm focusing on mine!  Also, de-cluttering of our own knicknackswill occur before the Tour!). Contact me for details and prices.  

Left to right:  SkyGrass, SkyGramaGrass (on table), SkyGrass Study, MountainGramaGrass.  
All work (c) Molly Elkind.  

Left to right:  Peachtree Boogie Boogie, Red Letter Day, Red Letter Night.  All work (c) Molly Elkind.
Faraway Nearby, (c) Molly Elkind

Top:  Dusty Sun.  Bottom:  Ashy Sun.  (c) Molly Elkind

Top:  Rancho de Taos Quartet, (c) Sam Elkind.  
On table:  Dark Sky, (c) Molly Elkind

As for the transition, I'm not ready to say much yet in words about it, so in this post I'm going to let the pictures do the talking.  In the famous words of Winnie the Pooh when faced with a jar of honey, "I don't want to eat it, I just want to taste it."  

Current and future reading.  Excited about all of it, especially the brand-new book mid-stack,
Wild Textiles by Alice Fox.