Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Things that Can Go Wrong in Weaving #1

Among the most frustrating things that can go wrong, because it's so stupid and takes so long to correct,  is that the yarn can become hopelessly tangled. 

We had long wondered what breed(s) made up our rescued mutt.  With this escapade, Harry confirmed that he is part cat.  I no longer store my yarn in baskets on the floor.

And here is what happened earlier this week when I tried to measure out yarn that was wound in balls instead of on cones:

I'm sure these yarns, hand-dyed with natural dyes by Mayan women in Guatemala, will make beautiful towels . . .but this sure was frustrating to untangle!

Stay tuned for future posts on the theme of Things that Can Go Wrong in Weaving.  There are so many. . . .  Leave a comment and share yours below!

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