Thursday, April 14, 2016

a cutting-off party

So, in the tapestry world it's a thing to have a "cutting-off" party to celebrate the completion of a work that's been in the works for many months (or years).  I decided to have one to mark the cutting off from the loom of the largest piece I've done to date, and the first piece I've done on my "big" vertical Varpapuu loom.  Now "big" is a relative term, both regarding tapestries (mine is roughly 37" x 26") and looms (mine is 48" wide).  Not as big as some, but still, something to celebrate.  This piece had been on the loom for nearly a year. 

I invited a few dear and good-humored friends to come over for prosecco and cake Tuesday night.  Here are some scenes from the festivities (thanks to DH Sam for his photography):

Friends listen as John and I do the math to calculate the hours spent on the piece: 156, so far.
Marilyn and I tell the saga of how we drove to Florida, disassembled the loom (not without some difficulty), and put it in the trunk of my Camry to drive home
Do I dare?
scissors meet warp

cutting off the cartoon sewn to the back.  Harry is unimpressed.  

pulling the tapestry off

a partial view

next step:  cleaning up all those weft tails on the back
I'm going to wait until I have it all cleaned up and the edges finished before I take a formal portrait to share with you.  I will say that I am pleased overall with how it turned out.  I certainly learned a lot.  And I like working big!


  1. Awww; want to see it! Congratulations. I also must say that is an attractive hanging behind you......looks like a tree. Is it a tapestry?

  2. Come over anytime for an up close view, Fran! The tree piece on the wall is a rya rug, woven by Sam's grandmother. It's a Finnish technique involving both weaving and rya knots to make the tufts. I love it too.

    1. I'd love to accept, but you probably don't live too close to Calgary. Rya is lovely too. It's a very nice design.

    2. Oops! I thought you were my friend Fran who lives nearby. Thanks for reading!