Wednesday, February 15, 2017

What's looming?

How did it get to be the middle of February already?  I think it's time for a work-in-progress update.

This year's tapestry diary is taking shape.  I'm weaving a 5" x 7" piece for each month, inspired by things I see on my morning walk.  In January I wove irregular bits every day, responding to something I noticed in the landscape or the sky.  Here's January's piece completed and turned to its correct orientation.  Not too bad for weaving without a cartoon or much of a plan.  I like how the gray stripes and dotted lines sort of look like streets I walk on. . . .

This month I'm choosing one color from the morning sky and weaving a rectangle-ish shape,   I finishing with half-passes in red that indicate the date.

For a multi-colored sky like this I choose one hue to weave that day

This one will also be turned sideways. . .maybe it will look more interesting that way!
I'm also moving along on my two bigger tapestries underway.  On Mother/Mary/Me I'm about halfway done:

I'm excited to have Mom's eyes just about completed, though I'm going to tweak the one on our right one more time.  For the record, that would be the fourth try on that eye and the second on the other one.  About the standard number of iterations for me!  I wish progress would come faster on this piece, but I have to admit that I'm distracted by this other, newer one, on the floor loom.

I'm weaving this one from the side so the left-hand edge in the photo is actually the bottom of the tapestry.  This is Mater Dolorosa, a dark, quiet piece mostly done in natural-colored Churro wools. Yesterday I was excited to start weaving Mary's dark blue cloak--you can see a tiny wedge of it on the far left.  This gorgeous indigo is also a New Mexican wool yarn.

You quilters out there have probably given up on ever seeing me complete the queen-size quilt I started about 18 months ago, that's inspired by Turkish ceramic tiles  . . . but the top is mostly done.  I threw it on the bed, over the current quilt, just to see if the size was in right neighborhood.  I have to applique some large shapes to the top edge, and piece the backing, and then it's off to the long-arm quilter.  That will be a great day!

I hope these mid-winter days are offering you a chance to explore new creative ventures too.